Our Services

Empowering the poor students’ education.
Empowering the plans of rehabilitation for the people.
Health care for the people.
Working with the Self Help Groups (SHGs) in kilpennathur 45 panchayaths

Empowering the poor students’ education

1. Evening study centre for the poor students in their village, in the name of ‘SIRAGU’

2. Economic support for the higher study students through bank.

3. Training program for study centre students to Promote the students skills.Leadership training, Communication skills, Soft Skills training, Typewriting course and  Hand writing course.

4. Giving healthcare awareness by ‘PASUMAI AWARENESS MOVEMENT’

5. Giving awareness for study and social awareness through cultural program by ‘SIRAGU CULTURAL GROUP

Empowering the plans of rehabilitation for the people

  1. Training for self employment.

  • Poultry farm

  • Turkey farm

  • Pickle production

  • Mushroom farm

  • Nature mosquito coil production

2. Work for the child labors' rehabilitation.

3. Counseling the drop outs and their parents to send them school.

Health care for the people

  1. Anemia control program for adolescent girls and pregnant ladies.

  2. Continuous monitoring for the diabetes, BP patients and TB patients by medicine  and their diet.

  3. If necessary guide the patients for the major operations. 

  4. Economic support for medical treatment. 

Working with the Self Help Groups (SHGs)

  1. With the help of SHGs conducting Training and Rehabilitation programs in 45 panchayaths.

  2. Bank loan for individuals in SHGs for the good relationship

  3. Getting cooperation of panchayat presidents for conducting Health care programs

  4. ConductingCommunity Based Rehabilitation programs with the help of village workers. 

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